Aerotour MM charter charter flight from Malta and Rome to Sofia on April 16, 2020

16 APR Bulgaria Air SOF MLA 15:00 16:00

16 APR Bulgaria Air MLA FCO 16:45 18:05

16 APR Bulgaria Air FCO SOF 18:50 21:35

*300.00 EUR per person with taxes included
*the price includes 1 piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg and one piece of checked luggage up to 20 kg
*the flight is combined and operated with a timetable Sofia – Malta – Rome – Sofia, ie for passengers flying from Malta to Sofia, there will be an a stopover landing in Rome, the tariff of 300.00 EUR is final price per person which covers the entire flight inluding the connecting flight.

For information – 0888 805 079 and 0884 889 826